Important information about NewMoove

What is NewMoove? 

NewMoove is a leading provider of online fitness that has successfully created a wholly new service on the health and fitness market. NewMoove is available on the Internet via computer, many mobile devices and Smart TVs. NewMoove offers an extensive and professional training program including personal training routine and personal coach, reminder service, special programs and workouts for your individual problem areas. We inspire our customers by focussing on quality and customer needs. Our online presence combines an attractive design with user-friendliness. Our product portfolio includes subscriptions for fitness classes as well as a nutrition advisory service and an online store for fitness, clothing and personal care products.


How frequently are new exercise videos released?

In order to keep your training interesting and challenging we put out exercise videos several times a year. Even now we are planning the next video shoot with many new exercise videos. 


Do I have to be keen on sports in order to join NewMoove?

We offer fitness classes for beginners, advanced and experts. You can create your own fitness program according to your personal requirements. There are also a lot of special programs helping you to choose the proper fitness classes. In each exercise video you will be taught how the exercises are being done correctly. What is more, your personal coach will answer all your questions.


Which fitness classes are available?

NewMoove offers more than 400 exercise videos by now – and the number keeps growing. With the class finder tool you can browse through the various class categories like Bodyshaping, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Back Fitness and many more. Whether you really want to work off energy or you like to relax and recharge your batteries – NewMoove offers something for everyone. 


Is it possible to simply try out NewMoove? 

Of course, you can try out NewMoove for free and with no strings attached before deciding on a membership. Just sign up for a free 7 days trial account – You don’t have to enter any payment data for the trial account. During the trial period you get access to all our services including our Specialprogrammes. Once the 7 days have expired, the trial period ends automatically – there is no cancellation required.


Which types of membership are available?

NewMoove offers memberships with various contractual periods. We currently offer memberships with a period of 3, 6 and 12 months. Check out our homepage for detailed price information.


How do I become a member of NewMoove?

Just visit our homepage and have a look at our subscriptions. When you made up your mind just click on the membership of your choosing and follow the instructions.

Check out our homepage to find out more about our offered memberships!


Why am I unable to log in to the members area? 

Here you find possible reasons:

- Did you check your login information?

Please make sure you are using the correct login information (email address and private password). If you have forgotten your private password, you can ask for a new password by clicking the link “forgot password”.

- Are the cookies activated in your web browser?

In order to use all features of cookies must be enabled in your web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari). How you can make sure of that?

Open your web browser and follow the instructions below:

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. “File” à “Preferences” à “Privacy”
  2. Set “Use custom settings for history” and check mark “Accept cookies from sites”.
  3. Close the preferences page and restart Firefox to make sure all settings have been saved.

Google Chrome:

  1. “File” à “Settings” à “Show advanced settings”
  2. In the section "Privacy" click “Content settings” and select “Allow local data to be set”.
  3. Restart Google Chrome to make sure all settings have been saved.

Internet Explorer:

  1. “Tools” à “Internet Options” à “Privacy”
  2. Set the slider to "Medium".
  3. Restart Internet Explorer to make sure all settings have been saved.

Apple Safari:

  1. “Safari” à “Preferences” à “Security”
  2. In the section “Accept cookies” select "Only from sites I visit".
  3. Close the dialog using the cross and restart Safari to make sure all settings have been saved.


I have forgotten my password. What shall I do?

If your Log in fails, an error message will be displayed along with a link ”Forgot password”. Please click on that link to request a new password. The new password will be send to the email address deposited in your account. 


How can I cancel my membership?

If you like to cancel your membership, please send an email to the NewMoove Customer Service. Your subscription will extend automatically if you do not cancel the service two weeks before the minimum contractual duration ends. That does not apply to the free 7 days trial account. The trial period ends automatically – there is no cancellation required.


The selected exercise video does not start. Now what?

Before you can start the exercise videos you need to install a Flash Player. Please check if your Flash Player is installed properly or download Adobe Flash Player free of charge from


The video pauses at times. What can I do? 

The NewMoove exercise videos are transmitted via the Internet. If the Internet connection is too slow or instable to transfer the required data, the video can pause or even stop. In order to watch the videos in the desired quality an Internet connection with a download speed of at least 6 Mbit/s should be available. 


I would like to watch the videos on TV. How does that work?

There are two ways to watch the exercise videos on your TV:

In case you own a smart TV, which is connected to the Internet, please open the NewMoove App on your TV, log in with your TV PIN and watch the videos as usual.

In case you do not own a smart TV but your computer and TV both have a HDMI port, please connect them via HDMI cable, start the videos on your computer and watch them on your TV.


How do I deactivate my screen saver?

Depending on your computer and system software you can usually find the settings for your screen saver in “system settings”.


The Website and its contents seem to be stuck, nothing is changing anymore. What can I do?

It is likely that your web browser does not update anymore because the cache memory is full. In order to make room for new contents please empty the cache via the settings of your web browser.


How much does NewMoove cost?

It depends on the subscription period of your choosing.

Check out our homepage for detailed price information.


Will my subscription extend automatically?

Yes, your subscription will extend automatically by the length corresponding to your subscription. If you like to cancel your membership, please send an email to the NewMoove Customer Service two weeks before the minimum contractual duration ends.


Is it possible to pause my membership temporarily?

Only under special circumstances. Please contact the NewMoove Customer Service concerning this matter.


What is the method of payment?

Payment will be carried out according to your choice either of direct debit (PayPal or Sofortü or credit card (Visa Card, Master Card, Diners Club). Depending on your chosen subscription billing continues automatically every 30 days or will be charged as one-time payment with your registration.


How do I get my own personal training routine?

Just click on “Personal Coach” on the left and pick the personal coach you like. Afterwards click on “Create Training Routine” and your personal coach will guide you through the menu. In “My Training” – “Training Routine” you can arrange your training hours individually. In “My Home Fitness” you will see your next class according to schedule.


Can I fast-forward the exercise videos?

In order to help you get the most out of your training there is NO fast-forwarding available. Besides, you will only receive bonus points by completing the class successfully.


How do I change my personal data?

If you would like to update your personal details like email address, password, nickname, payment information and so on, please log in to your account and click on “My Settings”.


How is my personal data secured? 

Your personal data is always being stored encrypted and therefore protected from being accessed by third parties. The same goes for your payment information; it is transferred via SSL-encrypted connection to our certified payment provider.

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