Video Tips

The following tips will help you to properly play our NewMoove classes:

  • Video player: Please click this link: Videos.
  • Electric cable: Please connect your computer with an electric cable to the grid
  • Close programs: Please close all other programs and documents running on your computer while watching the NewMoove classes, especially if you do not have a good internet connection. 
  • Screen saver: See how easy you can deactivate your screen saver
  • Downloads: Never downloard anything while playing NewMoove classes. Also consider to close E-Mails, Skype, Chats, Online Games and others!
  • Other internet users: Other persons using the same internet slot (living in the same house or flat) should not use the internet extensively at the same time (downloading, skyping or orthers).
  • Peak period of the internet: Between 6 and 8 p.m. many people using the internet. If the download speed is low at that time, please try later!
  • Break: Start the video and then press stop. Then wait some minutes till the grey cache bar is fully loaded.
  • Restart: With some problems it helps to restart your computer
  • Optimal browser adjustments: On occasion you should check your adjustments within your internet browser
  • Technical requirements: Still have problems? Look at our detailed technical requirements here or contact the NewMoove Customer Service. 
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