The 8 Week Baby Bump Fight Program

The 8 Week Baby Bump Fight Program

... is going to melt your baby pounds!


1)   The best courses to reshape your body after giving birth

The most effective courses to lose weight – including body shape and pilates!

With 3 training sessions per week your will lose your extra kilos of your pregnancy in a short period of time and form your body into a good shape! The result after eight weeks will inspire you – and the old trousers will fit again.

2)   Your optimal workout plan made by Dr. Christian Matthai

With medically proofed training plan

Here comes your optimal training plan which was developed with Dr. Christian Matthai and which is applicable from the 12th week after the birth of your baby.

Dr. Christian Matthai is specialist for gynecology, sports and is also a practicing nutritionist.

1)   Your personal coach is just a click away!

Your personal coach is going to motivate you and will answer all your questions!

4) Check your transformation: With our tools to analyze and evaluate your efforts! 

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