Freestyle Summer Program

Take the challenge!

We present our newest courses on 4 training plans which will challenge you. Choose between 3 (basic) or 4 (intense) workouts a week. With a variety of courses for regeneration you will reach your goal with a maximum effect and stimulate your metabolism within a 6 week program. Push yourself to the limit and reach your personal goal! The freestyle summer program contains high intensity workouts, cardio courses and regeneration phases. Follow your goals, benefit from the after burn effect, improve your endurance, shape your body and lose weight at the same time. No matter which goal you want to reach, the guide for clever eating “Fit food guide” will help you with tips for healthy everyday food.



  • Runtime: 6 weeks
  • Intensity: 3- 4 workouts/ week
  • Coach: Felix
  • Topic: Improvement of endurance, tightening of your body with a weightloss
  • Specials: implies a clever eating “Fit Food Guide” with lots of nutrition tips
  • Features: you can choose between a basic or intense training plan for women or men.

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