The 6 Week 15 Minutes Quick Workout Program

Get fit in 15 minutes – you got time for it!

We have prepared the perfect workout plan with 15 minute workouts. Depending on how much time you want to spend for your workout, you can choose between 3 or 4 courses per week. Daily tips and tricks will help you to stay motivated. When you finish the 6 week workout plan you will have a collection of all motivation tricks which will remember you to get up from your couch and start your training! You will start fit and healthy in every week because we are going to support you with know-how about nutrition and recipes. With our App you can take part in the 15-minute-challenge and if you get in trouble with your weaker self, our Little Book of Motivation will help you out!



  • Runtime: 6 weeks
  • Intensity: 3- 4 workouts/ week
  • Coach: Carina
  • Topic: training plans with various 15 minute workouts
  • Goal: fit and sexy with short training entities
  • Specials: nutrition tips and healty & quick recipes – also for vegetarians!
  • Features: you can choose between 2 variable training plans with different intensity (fast lane with 3 trainings/ week or powerful with 4 trainings/ week)


And here you can find your 6 week 15 minute workout plan:

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