BodyWork BBP Crash 4 Week Program – Vol. 2

BodyWork BBP Crash 4 Week Program – Vol. 2

Every week we offer you a new, exciting training plan to shape your abs, your legs and your back! You can choose between two training plans: the basic and the intense workout plan depending on the weekly time you are willing to investigate in your training. We offer you this great workout schedule together with new recipes and cooking videos!


  • Runtime: 4 weeks
  • Intensity: 3 – 4 workouts/ week
  • Coach: Arne
  • Topic: Training plans to shape and tighten your belly, legs and backside
  • Goal: tight belly, beautiful legs and a firm backside
  • Specials: new cooking videos every week – also for vegetarians!
  • Features: 2 different trainings plans (Basic and Intense)
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