Questions concerning bonus points


Question: What do I have to do to get bonus points?


  • No sweets without sweating: If a great body is not a reward in itself for you, you will receive bonus points for every completed exercise class. How many bonus points you will receive for a specific class is displayed on the details page for the class.
  • Posts in the News Area: You have a story to tell, which could be interesting to inspire others? Please share it with the community! Just go to “News” and click on “write a post” in the top right. Now can type directly in the field or you can upload your story. When your moving story is published you will receive your bonus points automatically.
  • Class evaluation: In addition to that, you will receive 50 bonus points for every class evaluation, which will be added to your account automatically after approval of the evaluation.


Question: What can I do with my bonus points?


  • Make a good bargain in the web shop: You can redeem your bonus points to get discounts in our NewMoove web shop.
  • See what surprises are in store!: We have something happening every day. We are continually introducing new products.


Question: What is it that determines how many bonus points I receive per class?

Answer:The more intensive und longer the class is the more bonus points you will receive.



Question: How can I redeem my bonus points?

Answer: You can redeem your bonus points to get discounts at our NewMoove web shop.


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