NewMoove via Smart TV

NewMoove via smart TV

Question: What is a smart TV?

Answer: Well-known producers of TVs like Philips, Samsung, LG, Loewe etc. offer TVs with integrated Internet and Web 2.0 features. Such TVs can also provide Internet TV, online interactive media, as well as on-demand streaming media. You will just have to connect your TV to your wired or wireless Internet access. You will find more information on the producer’s web sites or in specialist stores.

Question: On which smart TVs is the NewMoove App available?

Answer: You will find the NewMoove App on most smart TVs from well-known producers like Philips, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Loewe. 

Question: I would like to watch the videos on my smart TV. How does that work?

Answer: Before you can start, your TV needs to be connected to the Internet. Please refer to the users manual of your TV, if you are having trouble establishing an Internet connection. You will find the NewMoove Fitness App in the TV menu.

You are trying out NewMoove on TV for the first time?

  • In this case you are allowed to try out 5 exercise videos for free.
  • You will not need to register for a membership, nor is a TV PIN required for that. 

You already have tried out 5 exercise videos?

  • In this case go to and decide for a membership.
  • During registration for your subscription you can order your personal TV PIN.
  • Hint: You will only get a TV PIN having registered for a paid membership.
  • Once registration is done, open the NewMoove Fitness App on your TV, click on “Log In” and fill in your personal TV PIN using the remote control's numeric keypad.
  • Now you can use NewMoove on your TV!

- In case you are already a member of NewMoove: Please visit and click on “My Settings”. Go to section “Smart TV” and order your personal TV PIN.

- In case you are not a member of NewMoove yet: Go to and decide for a membership. During registration for your subscription you can order your personal TV PIN.

Question: My NewMoove TV PIN does not work.

Answer: Did you type in the correct TV PIN? You will find your personal TV PIN in the section “My Settings” on Please check the TV PIN you have entered.

Validity: Please note that you can use your personal TV PIN for one TV only. When you already have used the TV PIN for another TV it is not possible to use it again.

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