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Question: How do I find the right class for me?

Antswer: The “Class Finder” will help you to find the proper class by means of filtering criteria. Just have a look and see your yourself: This is how the “Class Finder” works>>

Question: Where do I find an overview of all classes currently available?

Answer: Click here for a list of all classes along with useful details about the exercise videos like duration, required equipment…

Question: How do I find classes that go well with my training goal (weight reduction, body toning…)?

Answer: Please click on “Class Finder” and select “Search for training goal”. 



Question: How do I start the exercise videos?

Answer: Pick a class you like and click on “Start Class”. The video stream will start immediately. Alternatively, you can choose one of the class series on the right to start the class.

Question: Is it possible to fast-forward the video stream?

Answer: In order to help you get the most out of your training there is no fast-forwarding available. But it is possible to skip the intro or the warm up, however, you should skip the warm up only when you are already warmed up properly.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: Here you will find some hints and instructions for a successful start.

Question: Is it possible to download any exercise videos?

Answer: No, it is not possible to download any exercise videos. In order to watch the exercise videos properly, please read our hints for optimum usage.

Question: How do I recommend classes to my friends?

Answer: Please click on one of the following symbols on the top right in order to share the class via your preferred service.



Question: How do I get to evaluate a class?

Answer: In order to evaluate a class, you must have completed it successfully, plus, you need to be logged in to your account. Just go to “My Training” > “Training Log” and click on the star symbol  next to the completed class.

Question: How long does it take until my evaluation is posted?

Answer: That depends on the level of support required. Our agents may not have the time for reviewing and posting all evaluations instantly. But we are trying our best to review each evaluation within a day.



Qeustion: How do I refer a friend?

Answer: In order to refer a friend, you need to have a regular membership. After logging in to your account, click on “Refer a friend” on the upper right and enter your friend’s email address. As soon as your referral is confirmed (the friend referred registers with the same email address you entered and buys a subscription) you will be rewarded with a 30 € voucher for the NewMoove Online Shop.

Question: What are the benefits for me referring a friend?

Answer: When you get a friend interested in NewMoove and he or she becomes a member of NewMoove, you will be rewarded with a 30 € voucher for the NewMoove Online Shop. You have nothing else to do than waiting – the system detects automatically if a referred friend of yours is getting a membership.

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