Questions about our mobile applications (NewMoove App)


Question: Is it possible to use NewMoove via smartphone or tablet?

Answer: We offer mobile applications (NewMoove App) for iOs devices (Apple Iphone, Ipad) and Android devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets from Samsung, LG, HTC).

Question: What do I have to consider when using the NewMoove App?

Answer: With the consent of the user all relevant data are transferred from smartphone or tablet to the NewMoove Website or shared with social media platforms like Facebook. The user acknowledges hereby that additional charges may be payable by him- or herself to the mobile or internet provider for transmitting the data from smartphone or tablet to the NewMoove website. The NewMoove mobile applications are only available to users with smartphones or tablets after having installed the NewMoove App via the app store of the respective provider. The download and basic functions of the mobile application are free of charge. In addition to that there may be fee-based on-demand exercise videos and other fee-based services available upon prior confirmation by the user. Additional terms of use  and payment as well as general terms and conditions for the user are applied by the mobile or internet provider.



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