Claim of faults

The civil law code differentiates faults between a liability for defects of the seller, which is called guarantee, and a voluntary guarantee of the producer.

  1. What is the guarantee of the producer?

The guarantee is a contract between the buyer and the one, who promises the guarantee (mostly the producer).

The conditions of the guarantee are declared between the both contract parties. Mostly this happens in terms of a certificate of guarantee.

If you want to benefit from this contract of guarantee, please contact the guarantor. He will also tell you how the guarantee works and which guaranteeing you will get.

NewMoove Detuschland GmbH has no influence on the certificate of guarantee between the buyer and guarantor. If you need a bill for for the guarantor and you are not able to find yours anymore, you can contact us

  2. What means guarantee?

Referred to § 438 BGB is the legal period of limitation for defect products, which are offered in our webshop, 24 months.

If the defects are detected within 6 months after purchase, exists the presumption that the defect already existed at the point in time of purchase. This is not the case if the presumption is not compatible with the kind of defect. The presumption can be enervated if the seller (NewMoove Deutschland GmbH) can prove, that the product was not defect at the delivery of the product or that the defect is not compatible with the kind of defect.

If the defect arises after the first 6 months after the purchase, the buyer has to prove, that the defect already existed at the point in time of the delivery of the product.

The buyer has the right to declare defects by law, but the seller has basically the right to a supplementary performance. The buyer has basically two possibilities of supplementary performance: The amendment or the additional supply of a product free from defects. NewMoove Deutschland GmbH can refuse the supplementary performance of choice if the costs would be disproportional to fulfil it. If the supplementary performance fails twice, you can choose if you want to withdraw from the contract or if you want to reduce the buy price and demand compensation or if you want to demand compensation for the futile expenditures.

Defetcs not include:

  • Defects caused by use or natural wearout
  • Nature or defects of the product, which are caused by improper use, storage or location, neglecting the regulation for emplacement, excessive use or lacking service and care.

Did you detect a defect? Please write an E-Mail and describe your defect as detailed as possible, the purchased product and if possible add pictures.

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