How can I return my order?


To return your parcel, please use our return process which you can find via this Link.

Please fill in the form and type in your address data and your customer ID in the field “Auftragsnummer” that we can process your return as quickly as possible. Your customer IC can be found on your bill and delivery note. After filling in your data you can easily print your return form to ship back the parcel free of charge.

Austria and Switzerland

Please send back your parcel on your own expense. Consider that the parcel is franked correctly.

The address to return your order is as follows:

NewMoove VSD-Abteilung: PVS ZMD - Schleißheimer Str. 93a - 85748 Garching bei München

For returns from Switzerland please be aware of tariff regulations.

Please use the enclosed return form and tell us the reason for your return out of the following:

  1. Der Artikel ist defekt oder beschädigt (Reklamtion) [ The product is defect or broken (claim) ]
  2. Es wurde ein falscher Artikel geliefert [The wrong product was delivered]
    Der Artikel stimmt nicht mit der Beschreibung überein [The product does not fit the description] 
    4. Der Artikel passt nicht [The product does not fit]
    5. Das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis stimmt nicht [The proportion of price and performance is wrong]
    6. Der Artikel gefällt mir nicht [I don’t like the product]
    7. Sonstiges [others]

And choose what you wish:

  1. Ich wünsche: [I wish]
  2. Umtausch wegen Reklamation [exchange]
    Erstattung [refund]


In the case of exchange, means you got a broken product, we will send you the replaced product as soon as the broken one arrived at our storage. If the product is not in stock anymore, we will refund you your payment.

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