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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?

1 Basket of goods

Choose the products you would like to order by clicking on the icon “In den Warenkorb”.  After this action your chosen item will be in your virtual shopping basket. You can change your choice and the number of products or delete an article by clicking „Entfernen“ until you place your order By clicking “Kasse” you will be forwarded to the next step.

 2 Cashpoint

If you already have an account, log in with your email address and password. If you are not yet registered but NewMoove member, register with the same email address as in your NewMoove account to convert your bonus points and discounts. Your data entered will be handled with caution as stated in our data privacy act. There won’t be any other use or transfer of your data to third parties. If you are already logged in, you can now choose your type of dispatch. By clicking “weiter” you will get to the next step.

 3 Check your billing address / method of payment

Please check your dats entered in the field  “Rechunungsadresse” which is your billing address, and “Zahlungsweise”, which is the method of payment. By clicking “weiter” you will get to the next step.

 4 Choose & Check your address of dispatch

Please check your data entered in the field „Versandadresse“, which is the address of dispatch, and tell us your favourite type of dispatch (“Versandart”).  By clicking “Weiter” you will get to the next step.

5 Finishing order transaction / terms & conditions and right of withdrawal

At the end of your ordering process you will see a summary of your order, i.e. your chosen products, the address of dispatch, the billing address and your contact details. Please check all your data entered in the steps mentioned above and read through our terms & conditions as well as the right of withdrawal before you place your order. In order to agree to our terms & conditions (AGB), please click in the box and set a hook. By clicking “Jetzt kaufen” you will transmit your order and agree to a binding contract.


How can I pay?

Payment options in our webshop

Our payment provider WIRECARD in Munich:

WIRECARD is one of the leading providers in handling of payments and fulfils all criteria, to make a comfortable and secure order possible.

 SEPA debit

You can easily order by directing a debit, which means that you must type in your payment data during the ordering process and we will charge the purchase amount  to your account.


You can easily order via Paypal. In this case you will be directly forwarded to the Paypal homepage during the ordering process. After having logged in at with your personal Paypal data you can conduct your payment. We will ship your order directly after receiving the payment by Paypal.

 Credit card

You can easily order. We accept Visa and MasterCard.


You can easily order via “Sofortüberweisung”, which is an online service helping you transfer the amount due directly via online banking. By typing in your signatory number and PIN you will log in to your bank account and forward the payment directly with a TAN. We will ship your order directly after receiving the payment from you.


How to redeem bonus points or vouchers?

Bonus points

Redeeming bonus points

You can acquire bonus points on the NewMoove fitness website ( or in the NewMoove online shop (, e.g. by successfully completing fitness classes, giving class evaluations or shopping items in the online shop. Each bonus point is worth 0,01 €. The bonus points acquired can be redeemed in the NewMoove online shop at any time within 180 days. Per order you can redeem your bonus points for up to 15% of the value of the goods. The remaining amount is to be paid in cash. Your bonus points will expire after 180 days.

How are the bonus points transferred from the NewMoove Fitness homepage to the weshop?

Just register in the webshop with the same email address as in the NewMoove homepage (

Where do I find the amount of bonus points I already achieved?


You can find the status of your bonus points in your personal account in “Meine Einstellungen”.

Where can I redeem my bonus points?

At step 4 (cashing information) during your ordering process you will be shown how many bonus points you have and how many of them you can redeem for your order.



A voucher is redeemable in the NewMoove online shop at any time, but only once. You will find a field “Rabattcodes anwenden” in your shopping basket, where you can enter your voucher code. Having clicked on “anwenden” the amount due shall be reduced by the voucher amount, if the minimum order value is achieved. The minimum order value is as follows:

5 Euro voucher = 25 Euro minimum order value

10 Euro voucher = 50 Euro minimum order value

20 Euro voucher = 75 Euro minimum order value

30 Euro voucher (or higher) = 100 Euro minimum order value


How can I return my order?


To return your parcel, please use our return process, which you can find here

Please fill in the form with your address data and your customer ID (in the field “Auftragsnummer”) so that we can process your return as quickly as possible. You will find your customer ID on your bill invoice as well as on the delivery note. After filling in your data you can easily print your return form to return the parcel free of charge.

Austria and Switzerland

Please send back your parcel on your own expense. Consider that the parcel is franked correctly.

The address to return your order to is as follows:

NewMoove VSD-Abteilung: PVS ZMD - Schleißheimer Str. 93a - 85748 Garching bei München

For returns from Switzerland please be aware of tariff regulations.

Please use the enclosed return form and tell us the reason for your return as follows:

  • Der Artikel ist defekt oder beschädigt (Reklamation) [The product is damaged or broken (complaint) ]
  • Es wurde ein falscher Artikel geliefert [The wrong item has been delivered]
  • Der Artikel stimmt nicht mit der Beschreibung überein [The product does not comply with the description]
  • Der Artikel passt nicht [The product does not fit]
  • Das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis stimmt nicht [The price/performance ratio is wrong]
  • Der Artikel gefällt mir nicht [I don’t like the product]
  • Sonstiges [others]

 Ich wünsche: [I require]

  • Umtausch wegen Reklamation [replacement]
  • Erstattung [refund]

In the case of replacement, meaning you got have received a damaged product, we will send you the substitute as soon as the damaged one arrives at our storage. If the product is not in stock anymore, we will reimburse the amount already paid.


How and when can I can I make a complaint?

Claiming defects

The German civil law code differentiates with regard to defects between a liability for defects of the seller, which is called warranty, and a voluntary guarantee of the producer.


What is the guarantee of the producer?

The guarantee is a contract between the buyer and the guarantor (mostly the producer).

The terms of the guarantee are explicitly agreed between both contract parties, mostly in the form of a warranty card.

If you want to benefit from this contract of guarantee, please contact the guarantor. He will inform you how the guarantee works and which evidence you have to provide.

NewMoove Deutschland GmbH has no influence on the guarantee between buyer and guarantor. If you need an invoice as proof for the guarantor and you are not able to find yours anymore, please contact us at:


What means warranty?

In accordance with § 438 BGB the statutory period of limitation for defects of goods offered in our webshop is 24 months.

If the defects are detected within 6 months after purchase, it is presumed that the defect has already existed at the time of purchase, unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the goods or defect. The presumption can be enervated if the seller (NewMoove Deutschland GmbH) can prove that the product was not defective at delivery of the product or that the defect is incompatible with the nature of the product or defect. If the defect arises becomes obvious after the first 6 months have passed, the buyer has to prove that the defect already existed at the time of delivery.

In case the goods are deficient, the buyer shall be entitled to his statutory rights under the BGB (German Civil Code), however, the seller, with priority, has basically the right to a supplementary performance. The buyer has two possibilities of rectification as a matter of principle: The elimination of the defect or delivery of a defect-free object.NewMoove Deutschland GmbH can refuse the supplementary performance of choice, if the costs of fulfilment would be disproportional. If the supplementary performance fails twice, the buyer can choose between withdrawal from the contract or and demand damages or compensation for futile expenditures.

This warranty does not apply to:

  • Defects caused by use or natural wear out
  • Nature or defects of the product, which are caused by improper use, storage or location, neglecting the regulation for emplacement, excessive use or lacking service and care.

Did you detect a defect? Please write an email to and describe the defect and the purchased product as detailed as possible, and add pictures if possible


I have forgotten my password. What shall I do?

Click on the area “Benutzerkonto” where you find your personal settings. There you can request a new password by clicking on “Passwort vergessen” (forgot password) The new password will be send to the email address deposited in your account. Please also check your spam folder, if you do not see the email in the inbox.


Which types of dispatch are available?

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Shipping costs amount to 4,90 Euro per shipment to Germany. From a value of 29 Euro we deliver free of charge.

Shipping costs amount to 6,90 Euro per shipment to Austria. From a value of 49 Euro we deliver free of charge.

Shipping costs amount to 9,90 Euro per shipment to Switzerland. From a value of 99 Euro we deliver free of charge.


Tracking your order

We offer you a professional shipping system: If you order on a weekday until one ‘o clock/1 am, your products will be forwarded to DHL on the same day. DHL delivers your parcel between Monday and Saturday as quickly as possible.

When your order is handed over to DHL you will receive a confirmation of dispatch via email. With this email you will receive a tracking code, which helps you to locate your parcel until its delivery.




For shipping into not-EU-countries there can occur additional fees and charges, which are not included in our invoice amount or in the shipping costs. In case you order from Switzerland there may be tariffs added to the amount due, which are directly levied by the Swiss Customs.


Where can I find my DHL tracking code to track my order?

When your order is handed over to DHL you will receive a confirmation of dispatch via email. With this email you will receive a tracking code, which helps you to locate your parcel until its delivery. You can also find your tracking code in your account under “Bestellung” by clicking on “Lieferschein”.


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