Instruction for the Smart TV App

Your Start with the NewMoove Smart TV App


Welcome to the NewMoove Smart TV Experience

The picture above shows you the start screen of the NewMoove Smart TV app. This is your home and navigation page at the same time to which you can return at any time by clicking the menu item "Was ist NewMoove". 

Under point "Kurse die Spaß machen" you will find a selection of our courses, which you can try.

Under point "Dein eigener Personal Coach" you will find a short description of our personal coaches and our offer for your subscription.

Under point "So funktioniert NewMoove" you can find help and a description for the first steps with your NewMoove Smart TV app. 

On the left side at the bottom you can find the item "Kontakt"

Here you can see the contact information for our NewMoove customer service in the case you need help od you have a problem. 

On the right side at the top at "Zu den Kursen" you will be guided to the main page of the app with all our fitness courses which looks as follows:

Are you a guest user / not a member yet?

As a guest user or with our 7 day trial subscription you have the possibility the browse through our fitness course selection and watch a short preview of every course. Aswell you have the possibility to try 5 courses of your choice in full length. You can choose these 5 courses as you like out of our categories or you fill in the mask you see on the picture above and receive your personal recommendation of courses of our personal coaches. After watching the 5 courses you can choose a NewMoove subscription at with your computer or laptop at anytime you wish!

Are you already NewMoove member?

As a member you are able to watch all the courses we offer in full length. To use to app as a member you need a PIN code, which you can request under the link:

Attention! To request the PIN code you need a PC oder laptop. This step does not work on your Smart TV!

If you have already received your PIN code, click on the item "Mitglieder Log-In" on the navigation page and follow the instructions shown on the screen. After the log-in process you can see your member data within the app. Your personal home page will be opened, showing your bonus points and last training as the picture shows below (example):

Look through our courses in the diverse categories by clicking on one of the symbols in the category bar or choose a course your personal coach recommends to you. On the right side of your personal navigation side you can find our themed weeks program (on the picture you can see the Wiesn theme week). On the right side at the bottom you can find a direct link to our NewMoove webshop, where you can buy sporting goods and equipment. 

By clicking on the item "Problem- Zonen- Training" you will see a mask to fill in (like on the picture below). Click on the body zones you wish to work on and you will receive a course recommendation by your personal coach. Please consider, that for some courses your will need equipment like barbells, a mat or an exercise ball. The material you need for a certain course will be shown in the description below.

Under "Top-Kursen" you will find courses sorted by popularity, relaxation or exertion. 

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