The NewMoove Customer Service Team

The NewMoove Customer Service Team

NewMoove offers you a highly individual training with over 400 work-out classes - where ever, when ever and how often you want. To provide you with the best and most uncomplicated training possible, our NewMoove Customer Service Team will be there for any question concerning your training, technical equipment, etc. You can send us your message at any time you want and we will send you a reply as quick as possible. Usually our answering time takes not even 4 hours. 

The NewMoove Customer Service Team consists of five employees. Our employees will help you as quick as possible with any concern or question you have about your training. 

Introduction of the NewMoove Customer Service Team: 

Head of Customer Service 

Dipl. BW Susanne Fitz 


Responsibilites: Customer Service, Payment and Dunning Process,  Reporting and Controlling

Customer Service Agents

 Philip                            Jette

 Kristina                    Corinna

Our Tasks:

Besides our main task, replying to our customers requests, we are also working on different topics around the NewMoove Customer Service. Therefore we are constantly working on improving NewMoove for you. 

Here you will find a short review of our main tasks at the Customer Service: 

  • replying to customers requests
  • taking care of payment and dunning process acitivities 
  • review feedback from customers, reply, discuss & implement suggestions for improvement to the NewMoove Homepage
  • taking care of the Customer Service Support Help Centers
  • taking care of the NewMoove Community
  • replying to Social Media requests
  • maintain contact to our partner companies, to provide the fastest reply to our customers possible 

Customer request at our Customer Service Portal

All our request can be done over E-Mail or contact form directly at our NewMoove Homepage. This Customer Service contact form gives us the best opportunity to reply to your request as quick as possible. The NewMoove Customer Service is known for its quick and reliable replies. Our approximate answering time is less than 4 hours on week days. 

Among the Customer Service we also offer you Personal Coaches for your work-outs and training questions. No Matter if you would like to have tipps for your Diet or Training, you can always contact your Personal Coach for this matter. 

Of course you can also get in contact with other NewMoovers at our Community Forum or you can send us your "Mooving Story" in order to inspire other NewMoovers to reach their goals like you did. 

At the Community Forum you have the possibility to ask questions to other NewMoovers, Customer Service, or you can just tell us your Feedback and Opinion. 

We are looking forward to receiving your E-Mail, Community Forum Message or Mooving Story. 

Your NewMoove Customer Service Team 

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